Our Story



Goldish emerged from our desire to grow and create together. Our mission is to empower women–mothers and daughters alike–to reclaim and rekindle their inner fire. To create spaces for like-hearted souls to gather and thrive. Goldish symbolizes our evolution to ourselves, each other, and our community. Imbued with our experiences, intentions, and energy, jewelry for us offers a gentle reminder: to find softness and grace in our movement and strength within.

Goldish is a vision that was born during our adventures traveling the world together. On these trips we began developing pieces for ourselves that could transform as we moved from swimming in the ocean to trekking in the jungle, adaptable to tropical and desert environments as well as city life. We wanted to create jewelry that became like a second skin. The more we designed and wore these pieces the more we understood the power they instilled in us, how they served as magnets for connection and conversation.