Our Story



Yafit and Tyler Goldfarb, united in creative flow,
Their bond transcending, for all to know.
A mother and daughter, hand in hand,
They inspire others, a family's grandstand.

Their collaboration, a testament profound,
Shows the world the strength that can be found.
Through shared passions, they forge a tie,
A radiant example, that love can't deny.

To keep family close, here's what you can do,
Embrace these ways, let your connection bloom:
Moments together, cherished and dear,
Traditions and hobbies, bring joy and cheer.

Communication, open and free,
Support and encouragement, for all to see.
In shared endeavors, let love be the guide,
Creating a bond that will forever abide.

So let your family's story unfold,
A tapestry of love, never to be sold.
Inspire others with your kinship divine,
A beacon of unity, for all of time.