Goldish emerged from our desire to grow and create together. Our mission is to empower women–mothers and daughters alike–to reclaim and rekindle their inner fire. To create spaces for like-hearted souls to gather and thrive. Goldish symbolizes our evolution to ourselves, each other, and our community. Imbued with our experiences, intentions, and energy, jewelry for us offers a gentle reminder: to find softness and grace in our movement and strength within.

Goldish is a vision that was born during our adventures traveling the world together. On these trips we began developing pieces for ourselves that could transform as we moved from swimming in the ocean to trekking in the jungle, adaptable to tropical and desert environments as well as city life. We wanted to create jewelry that became like a second skin. The more we designed and wore these pieces the more we understood the power they instilled in us, how they served as magnets for connection and conversation.

Yafit Goldish (Founder, Designer, Musician, Mother)

Yafit has over two decades of experience designing and creating jewelry. After a successful 25 year partnership with her mother, Yafit created Goldish out of a desire for change and a newfound purpose - to create jewelry that empowers women on a deeper level than just aesthetically. Yafit trained as a classical violinist before coming to New York City in her early 20s, where she found her passion for jewelry. Now Yafit infuses all Goldish spaces with vibrations and sound, creating new rituals for each wearer who enters. Yafit envisions jewelry as a symbol of the collective intentions that we desire to manifest and evolve. 

Tyler Goldflower (Co- Founder, Creative Director, Designer, Photographer)

Tyler is a photographer and contemporary artist who has spent her life surrounded by jewelry, growing up with a factory in her basement and a store out front. Goldish represents a beautiful collaboration that unites her vision with her destiny. Tyler has developed the project’s visual world–taking images, directing films, conceptualizing the physical spaces, and designing pieces that articulate the Goldish vision. She also exhibits her art in our spaces. 

Yafit and Tyler have evolved together through the creation of Goldish while empowering one another to thrive as their multifaceted selves.