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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The Golden Thread that keeps us connected

Goldish is a partnership between a mother and daughter who seek, in all aspects of their practice, to create opportunities for transformation. Their jewelry designs are modern talismans; each piece is intended to deepen the awareness, heighten the confidence, and activate the body-mind connection of the women who wear them. Each piece is a sacred tool, and each design possesses its own properties and purpose.

By bringing together different shapes--ladders, arrows, and vines--in harmony with precious stones, we are able to activate different qualities within ourselves, and to become more receptive to the frequencies around us. Worn daily, these golden threads become part of the body. As they fall softly across the skin, moving gently with the wearer, their subtle vibrations --silent sounds-- encourage the flow of tantric energy.

Today, sensuality has faded in so many areas of our daily lives, including our interactions with one another and our connections to ourselves. Goldish is a celebration of the sensual, and our pieces are means of rekindling the eternal fire. When this energy is active, we are able to acess our softness, our strength, our creativity, and our unique power to nurture. Over time, these pieces become imbued with the spirit of their wearers, and they can be passed on to friends and family members, creating a golden thread.

The gatherings at Goldish, both at our flagship space in New York and at places around the world, are an extension of this desire to create connections, between the people who visit us, and within ourselves. These include sound meditations and ceremonies, concerts and conversations, healing and wellness workshops, as well as collaborative art projects and commissions.

We hope to see you, to share with you, soon.


Yafit & Tyler