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Kimchi’s distinctive savory, spicy, and tangy taste has taken over the food world and has become a beloved staple of many international households. It’s versatility uplifts any dish ranging from stews to pancakes and tacos and it can also serve as the main star of the meal. Kimchi nourishes our bodies and energizes our minds making it the ultimate secret to a happy, happy life! It’s fermentation process produces an abundance good bacteria that promotes a healthy gut and improves the immune system. Kimchi is heavenly to those who have been eating it for years and those just getting introduced to it alike.

While we may all know about the beauty of Kimchi, there remains a misconception about the complexity of Kimchi making, which may intimidate you to cook your own. However at Kala’s Kimchi Class, Chef Kala will teach you the simplicity and convenience of making Kimchi with readily available seasonable ingredients from your local market. With ingredients ranging from brussel sprouts to okra to watermelon, let her class inspire you to create your own unique versions. You will come out of class bursting with creativity and motivation to hit your kitchen to concoct your own interpretation of wonderful, oh, so wonderful, Kimchi!

About Chef Kala:
Kala is a curious eater. She also loves to cook and laugh and share her amazing food experiences with everyone. She cooks whatever pops into her mind with whatever fresh produce is laying around and always adds in just a teaspoon of her lovely craziness. An alumn of CIA with an M.A. in Food Studies from NYU and the former consultant chef at the Four Seasons Restaurant, Kala’s vibrant charming energy fills any kitchen with light and life.