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We invite you to the Goldish Temple, a magical environment where we explore sound as a vehicle, and witness where it transports us. We will travel upon frequencies tuned to the harmony of our existence and sonic textures outside and beyond our typical realm of experience. Friendly frequencies, such as the DNA resonant 528 hertz, help align our physical and mental for a healthy and focused voyage. The five elements will guide our direction and inspire our movement from under the ocean to above the clouds into space.

Let your body become a soundboard and compassionately allow yourself to resonate with harmony and melody. Open your ears to sound and free your mind’s eye from the burden of everyday preoccupations. Let yourself wander. As you journey allow yourself to activate aspects of your mind and body that need awakening. Release yourself from the concerns of the present so you are free to download new information.

By the end we will have landed gracefully back into the Goldish Temple with a sense of what it is to unplug, let go, float downstream and dream a whimsical dream.

Facilitated by Yafit Gold & Jeffrey Connors

Goldish Temple is a space for transformation, collective exploration, and creative growth. This versatile setting was mindfully designed to energize and encourage self-realization, experimentation, creative generation, and play. It is an oasis in the city, a space to recharge and reboot.