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SWEET PALM - Goldish SWEET PALM - Goldish SWEET PALM - Goldish SWEET PALM - Goldish
SWEET PALM - Goldish
SWEET PALM - Goldish SWEET PALM - Goldish SWEET PALM - Goldish SWEET PALM - Goldish


$ 46.00

  • 7g

    Botanical: Loricaria graveolens
    Harvest: Sustainably wild harvested
    Plant part: Branch

    Source: Sacred Valley, Peru

    Olfactive Experience
    Sweet with notes of dried mulberry and a clean, airy quality

    Elevated, peaceful, fortifying

    Palma Dulce, or Sweet Palm, is a rare incense with an enchanting aroma. Enkindled it emits a sweet botanical smoke, encouraging a state of peace that imparts both strength and gentleness within.

    Endemic to the high-altitude shrubland slopes of the Andean mountains, this plant can only be found growing between 3600-4000 meters in very specific locations in Peru and Bolivia.

    The growing patterns of the resilient Sweet Palm shrub can be described as stiff and erect, which aligns with traditional teachings about the plant’s ability to impart vitality and strength upon those who use it. In the Andes these small branches are enkindled with a flame and smudged to draw their sweet, cleansing smoke into the atmosphere. Used for prayer and shamanic practices, the smoke is offered as a blessing and as an expression of gratitude to Mother Earth.

    With such little information published about this plant, Bio Alchemy Olfactive shared specimens of it with the Herbarium of the National Agrarian University in Peru, who confidently identified this plant as Loricana graveolens. Bio Alchemy Olfactive’s Sweet Palm branches are sustainably harvested from wild-growing shrubs in the Sacred Valley of Peru. Each piece offered for sale is harvested, sorted, selected, and bottled by hand in a reusable glass vial.

  • Handmade in TriBeCa, NY