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AGARWOOD - Goldish AGARWOOD - Goldish AGARWOOD - Goldish AGARWOOD - Goldish
AGARWOOD - Goldish
AGARWOOD - Goldish AGARWOOD - Goldish AGARWOOD - Goldish AGARWOOD - Goldish


$ 105.00

  • 5g

    Botanical: Aquilaria malaccensis
    Harvest: Sustainably harvested
    Plant part: Infected wood, hand carved
    Source: India

    Olfactive Experience
    Dynamic, rich, floral, animalic, smooth, beautiful

    Wild, free, multidimensional, transformative

    This noble wood - this way of incense - represents unchanged fragments of the past. It unleashes a veritable universe of scents into the atmosphere, as soft as they are wild and brimming with nuance, connecting us to a higher spirituality as well as our primitive self.

    Agarwood embodies the quiet allure of the invisible. It is, in its essence, a form of protection. This fragrant, valuable wood of the Aquilaria species is the mother of oud oil, which forms with the activation of secondary plant metabolites that protect the tree from destruction, damage, or fungal invasion. 

    Traditionally used as medicine, in meditation, and in Japanese koh-do ceremonies, where wisdom and spiritual insights are often received from the smoke of the kindled wood, this rare wood is especially coveted for its use in perfume and as incense. In Middle Eastern countries Oud, or agarwood, is enkindled upon hot charcoal and the aromatic smoke perfumes the beholder’s clothing and hair, imparting an impressionable aroma with great tenacity that is known for its aphrodisiac and psychoactive properties.

    Also referred to as aloeswood, oudh, and eaglewood, wild agarwood trees have been harvested to the brink of extinction. Bio Alchemy Olfactive’s agarwood is grown on sustainable plantations in northeastern India. When harvested, the infected dark wood, which forms irregularly in patches on the tree, is pared away by hand from the healthy, scentless wood using specialized tools, producing a dark, resinous sculpture of the wood.

    Burning chips of oud captures the complex essence of the wood in its completeness. To use, break off a small piece and set atop hot charcoal. More fragrant smoke will be produced by placing a larger piece of incense on the smouldering ember. To perfume yourself with the fragrant smoke, allow your clothing, hair and body to be infused with the smoke itself. Open your nose and listen to the wood, whose complex profile suggests everything from darkness to spring blossoms. 

    To perfume yourself with Agarwood, allow the aromatic smoke to make contact with your hair, beard, skin, and clothing to infuse its divine aroma.

  • Handmade in TriBeCa, NY