Goldish is

A Secret Worn

beneath the clothes and revealed at the wearer’s pleasure. An embodied ritual that inspires play and purpose through energetic alignment. Worn daily, these versatile talismans become like a second skin, lightweight enough for everyday wear yet durable enough to withstand yoga, swimming, or any of life's adventures. Over time, they become instilled with the spirit of their holders and can be passed on to friends and family members, spinning a golden thread.



pulsing gentle rhythms that bloom her mystery 

In tempo with the moon she reveals herself in phases 

Her adornments not a mask 

but a mirror 

a portal to revelation

Luminous with intention she builds herself a ladder to bliss 

a golden thread tracing her spirit among the constellations

As ivy climbs the sculpted goddess she softens into wonder 

that such power could reside in 

so gentle an embrace